Saturday, June 23, 2007

On The Job Training- Motherhood: Tooth Update

The tooth fell out this week!

If you wiggle it enough and keep showing it off to your friends, it will come out. The teacher said there was a bit of excitement since some other kids have not lost a tooth yet and everyone wanted to see. They put the tooth in a ziploc bag, wrote "Annika's tooth" and put it in her cubby.

However, when I came to pick her up, it was not there. (My sister's theory is an enterprising classmate must have pocketed it hoping to get some money from the tooth fairy).

Annika was disappointed about that and I said we'll draw a picture of the tooth and place it in her toothfairy box.

In the meantime, she's happy to show off the "window in her mouth" to anyone and everyone!

By the way, I was planning to tuck quarters in the box. Now, I've heard the going rate is in dollars!

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