Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We know the chicken crossed the road, but is there a reason for geese to cross the road when they can fly across the street?
PA is covered by wild geese this time of year. We watch their goslings waddle behind them in May and by summer's end, they're stronger birds. It is charming to see the parent geese lead the family across the street: first, an adult goose sticks his neck out, scopes the scene. It looks clear. Another adult will follow behind cautiously, but a little more casually than the first adult. The flock of youngesters will come behind them.

However, when this occurs on two-way road leading into a major shopping center, it can be a problem. Traffic is halted, cars are sweering, motorists are confused because geese don't understand horns. Then, other drivers believe they know what the geese are thinking and try to go around them. It is sad to see a hapless and lifeless victim along side the road. I haven't seen any this year, so may be they are learning the local traffic laws.

My neighbor piles high her garbage. She has boxes, broken furniture and 2-3 large containers overflowing with junk, as if they're cleaning out the basement or garage. But, every week?!!
We're just amazed at how much garbage she has every week. She has an older house and her children are all young adults. Are the children bringing home junk from elsewhere? Our bigger issue is not her contributions to the landfills, but the placement of the overflowing cans. They place them at the corner of our shared road to comply with the garbage company's request. However, to make a left turn, one has to edge forward to see the road because the garbage blocks the view. If you can't see properly, you can either knock over the garbage or get knocked over by another vehicle you didn't see.

We just don't get it why they have excessive trash.

My daughter doesn't look like me, I look like her!
Since she was born, my daughter looks like my husband. Even with your eyes closed, you can tell she looks like him. But, every now and then, when I make certain facial expressions in the mirror, I am reminded of her. I think it's in the eyes. She does have my eyes, though hers are more almond shaped. I don't see myself in her, but I see her in me. Maybe this is one of those unusual side effects of parenthood - you absorb your child's traits.


Anonymous said...

When I was in New Jersey (in Johnson Park) I saw many geese that were just walking around instead of flying. Some of them were mothers (or maybe fathers-I can't tell) and littler children geese who probably didn't even have the skill of flying yet.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know.. it's b/c of the kids you have to take the slow route. (BTW - I KNEW you'd reply to this post ;-)