Saturday, February 02, 2013

Dignity Lost

There have been so many different news stories and issues that I wanted to address, I've been keeping drafts of blogs until I had time to write. This one seems "old" to me already, though it's less than 2 weeks old.

It's been heartbreaking to read the traumatic story of young woman in Delhi who was brutally assaulted and died from her injuries. This experience is what we don't wish on another human being. I'm so proud of Indian men and women who are speaking against violence against women and the misogynistic attitudes that reign in the streets. It's not going to change over night and will take some time. However,acknowledgment of the issue is the first step.

I was listening to human rights activist talking about violence against women in all parts of the world. A caller pointed out how Indian society added to the humiliation of the crime. The couple that was thrown off the bus was naked on the street and overlooked by passerbys. They were gawked by police and didn't receive medical attention until family stepped in. What kind of people do that?

The activist agreed this was shameful, but she said in her mind, this was the same type of humiliation that the young student in Steubenville, OH felt. There are videotapes and photographs of her rape and the rapists who participated. These photos were downloaded and viewed online by many people. Isn't that public humiliation? Where is the semblance of humanity in that action? What kind of people do that?

Here's another article that draws this parallel.

It's 2013 and as much progress we think we're making, we're not. To know that one person is still suffering misogynistic actions, we should all be ashamed for the lack of progress in the world. I read Hillary Clinton's farewell speech yesterday and gender equality was not forgotten:

And that is the final lever that I want to highlight briefly. Because the jury is in, the evidence is absolutely indisputable: If women and girls everywhere were treated as equal to men in rights, dignity, and opportunity, we would see political and economic progress everywhere. So this is not only a moral issue, which, of course, it is. It is an economic issue and a security issue, and it is the unfinished business of the 21st century. It therefore must be central to U.S. foreign policy.
I hope that John Kerry will not lose the momentum and focus the State Department has gained under Clinton's leadership. It is In the US, the "War on Women" was alive and well with 2012 political games. The Republican party has totally lost their footing on being rational. For example,  birth control became a questionable need for insurance coverage. I'm sure no one questioned the need for Viagara. Women's health is considered an afterthought and health clinics are used as political chess pieces, as I mentioned elsewhere. They shut women down to make 'problems' go away.

There is a great organization, The Girl Effect, that promoted this video. I think this says so much. If we want to progress as a global society, we start by helping the smallest members.



Anonymous said...

I had to do a little bit of math, when the video suggested that there is a SOLUTION. Among the 50 million solutions, two in particular (education and medicine) paint quite a rosy picture.

Currently the world population is growing at about 80 million a year. For a moment, let’s just focus on education and medicine. How many new schools and hospitals does that equate to? Do we have any realistic chance of keeping up?

Very impressive speech from the world most powerful woman. Now here’s the reality:

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashini, I came here on jan 1 on the excellent article Fear and Consumption. I come back a month later and you have grown quite prolific in that time. 2013 is definitely kind to your readers. Why don't you link up your blogposts on your facebook like most blog authors do. Thank you

Ashini said...

Thanks! I've been keeping my FB and my blog audiences separate.
I have thought about writing a really good blog post and letting it go viral so it'll lead me to a book deal and Good Morning America appearances.

Anonymous said...

i think it is a great way to drive blog traffic, may i know your reason for not linking those up. Aren't all your regular blogger pals your fb friends too ?
And am still waiting for that viral blog post. Infact the one on guns are potently viral if you will allow them to shoot past you.

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And while you are at it, try to squeeze in an article, I am sure you can just stick in any of your relevant old blog posts too for this contest

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Feb 28th Indian standard time is the deadline. The clock is ticking, quite perilessly i must add

Ashini said...

Anon - thanks for your votes of confidence. I haven't heard of IndusLadies before and did miss their deadline (not sure if it was for Indian residents only?).
But I love your suggestions!
Also, if you have any particular topics you think I should do, let me know - I just do whatever is on my mind or whatever I've read online. Thanks!

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