Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Run With It (Addendum)

After I wrote that last post on Sunday, I went to my first cardio kickboxing class at the gym. The last time I took kickboxing was about 1999, when the craze started at gyms. I was overwhelmed and pretty much wrote it off. I took lots of other classes, but stayed away from kickboxing.
Now, I can't be as picky and need to look for classes that fit my schedule. This one did. The teacher was great and was aware of the newbies like myself in the class. She was looking at me when she told the class it was ok if anyone felt the need to stop if they felt like throwing up or something.

Anyway, since I had just writtent he post about not giving up, I stayed on track with the workout. My challenge with the workout is the sequence of moves and remembering right jab, left hook, touch the floor, kick it left, roundhouse right, and do it again double time. I felt like I need some memory exercises as well!

So, I kept in mind my favorite line from "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." In the movie, the boy performed extremely badly at soccer and his coach reamed him for it. He smiled and said, "I can only get better."

As I did my kicks, feeling as if my leg was going to snap from the hip like Barbie's, I kept thinking "I can only get better" and smiled. Just a bit of positive thoughts really helped. There were 100 negative thoughts I could've entertained myself with (e.g., the instructor probably had 1% body fat in her muscular self while I have.. cough.. more than that.. even the Asian grandma next to me is getting into the groove better than me.

So, I walked out of their remindimg myself I have "opportunities for improvement." Looking forward to next Sunday!

By the way, it took me 3 days to recover from the class and be able to move without pain. It was just in time for my zumba class tonight. My instructor had no bones in her body; she moved like she was made of springs.


Jenny Bhatt said...

Ashini - it's been a while since I looked up your blog. Loved your recent posts. I'm not considering kickboxing but am considering some sort of regular class where I can commit publicly to a workout routine (rather than my lone elliptical in my home office).

By the way, another variation of the "obstacles" quote in your Sunday post that I really like is from Amy Purdy's TEDx talk ( that obstacles either make you stop or they make you creative. :)

PS I just joined FB and will try to find you there.

Jenny Bhatt (my recent blog)

Ashini said...

Jenny - So nice to hear from you!
I blog more when I know people are reading it. I always feel like I'm throwing messages in a bottles into the ocean. Good to know people find them!

I'll check the Amy Purdy link.
Congrats on your blog.