Saturday, October 13, 2012

Burning Bridges

Not just burning the bridge, but then throwing a dead cow down the town’s well and sowing salt into the fields.

Sometimes we make big leaps in our lives - escaping from unhealthy situations if we need to do so. However,there's always a connection that should be maintained. As I've grown older, I'm always surprised to see how we cross paths with people at different points, just when we thought we had left them behind. Sometimes, it may not be direct crossing, but close enough. You never know when you need to rely on someone's good word or deed. Or, better yet - someone could be relying on you and there should be a confidence in your dependability.  

There have been times when I've been rewarded by referencing someone else. For example, I may reference my father's name and receive positive feedback.  That's pretty powerful to know that one's behavior represents not only the person, but those connected to the person.  I'm fortunate that my father always leaves an extremely positive impression on people, and he's made connections far and wide.  So, there's a positive impression for the family.  However, just by association with a negative person, one's image is invariably tainted. It's a struggle to redeem oneself in that light. 

We can move forward, but we always have to look back at the road we traveled. We don't want to see simmering timber and villagers with pitchforks.

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