Sunday, November 11, 2007

One Way of Defining Myself

In the two years that I've had this blog, Mermaid is the first person to ask me why I chose "Indigo Bubbles" as the name.

The Bubbles part is spelled out in the blog header. Writing is meditative and liberating. My blogs are like bubbles that are being blown all over the world. Like a child, I look in amazement at every bubble and enjoy what I can bring to others through my writing.

The Indigo part is more frivolous and memory-based. I always liked the word "Indigo" because of my 4th grade science project. My father helped me create a prism, discussing light and colors. He explained the colors that make up the rainbow as VIBGYOR: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. (Ironically, American teachers taught it in reverse as ROYGVIB.)

I was always trying to identify this elusive color Indigo, that didn't exist in my Crayola box. In college, I was fascinated by the stories of the Latin American farmers who suffered indigo poisoning.

I also like the Indigo Girls.

Then, if you want to be really crazy, you can dissect Indigo as in Indian-American.

Addendum: Last night I realized that my wedding china is Noritake Indigo Waltz!

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mermaid said...

I guess I didn't read everything on your blog. Love the description of blowing and creating those perfect bubbles.

Every breath is a gift.