Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the Job Training: Motherhood - Paging the Tooth Fairy

Her tooth is loose! Actually, there are two loose teeth!

She has been obsessing about this for months. “Everyone in my class has big teeth.” “[insert name of current BFF] has window in her mouth.” “Oh, I think my tooth is loose,” as she grabs a molar.

It’s hard to explain to Annika that she’s been on a different teething cycle than the rest of her peers. She didn’t get her first tooth until she was almost 11 months old. However, she apparently had all the symptoms since she was 3 months. Whenever she chewed something or cried a lot, people said, “Oh, she must be teething.” Yeah, teething more gums. That December, I would sing “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth” to her.

On May 5th, her first tooth was finally loose, she proudly announced it to everyone we met that day. The doorman said hello and she said, “my tooth is loose!” We introduced her to a new friend and she said, “my tooth is loose!”

We went to the dentist a few weeks ago and I saw her X-rays with the next two teeth ready to pop out. It’s just about any time now.

Sadly, when my first teeth fell out, I felt guilty. My parents had always said, “If you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will fall out.” One day it was wiggling and then.. wow.. it’s really out! Oh no, I haven’t been brushing properly! They were right!

Also, Indian parents don’t promote this tooth fairy business. My second tooth fell out in the car coming back from Jones Beach when I was 6 years old. I was actually eating a hot dog and the tooth was stuck in the hot dog. My aunt was right there, and she told me to throw the tooth out the window. In fact, go ahead and throw the hot dog out the window, too. My American friends actually profited from this?

So, I don't mind if Annika believes in the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. I used to think it was a mean thing parents did, but now I see it differently. Their enthusiasm and delight is really special.

I found a Tooth Fairy Box from a gift shop. It’s a really cute box with a pillow and a small note card is enfolded to capture the date. There’s a mirror so they can see the “window in their mouth.” I chose a purple one with a girl with flowing brown hair on a white horse – all of the elements for a perfect gift. Annika was excited and she placed it on her shelf. She often goes to the box and just looks at it.

Stay tuned for further updates! By the way, I’m sticking with quarters for each tooth. I don’t care what the going rate is for bicuspids or incisors.


ZenDenizen said...

I recently confessed to my mom that I knocked out my own tooth when I was 4 all for a quarter!

Anonymous said...

I got quarters for me teeth when they fell out too, but that was in the early 70's. I'm thinking that with inflation you should be paying a few bucks at least.
A's lawyer

Anonymous said...

To A's Lawyer,

This is to acknowledge your request. However, the rate must stay at $.25 due to our limited budget.

The costs of Glass Slippers for our high-end customers has been raised. Plus the price of Fairy Dust, which is required for flight, is increasing daily.

We welcome donations.

Thank you,

Twinkle L. Star
Fairy and Pixie Association

Anonymous said...

Okay Twinkle, you have a point, which reminds me....walking on glass slippers can really hurt.

A's lawyer

Anonymous said...

A's Lawyer:
See, that's the problem. The glass slippers hurt.

However, the Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik glass slippers are really comfortable, and that's eating our budget. (Those damn princesses and their delicate feet!)

Budget cuts are tough on everyone.

-T.L. Star

Anonymous said...

In addition to the college fund, birthday fund, just because fund, christmas fund, I will now create "the tooth fund" so that we can stay competitive with going rates, and any excess gov't surcharges.

A's banker