Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bubbles (My Poems):
A Glass Of Wine, Please

And, what kind of wine do you have, she asked.

Swirl the robust Bordeaux. In its embrace, fly to the warm hills of France
Sniff the Shiraz and evoke a borrowed memory
of a didjeridoo echoing through an Australian sunset.

Remember when the Chianti had challenged
the Burgundy to duel and
the jugs had burst? Very good year though.

And, have you seen the Cabernet and Beaujolais?
He tipped his hat to you, while she
lifted her ruby skirts to curtsy.

She smiled. She knew them well.
She had been taught
to bridle and honor the passion of the Reds.
With a sip of a Merlot, she could hear
the strumming gypsy music
outside that restaurant in Piazza Navona.
And a second sip brought her to an intimate table for two
at a boisterous Bennigan’s.
Another glass would be that night best left forgotten.

Tonight she was alone.
Not a soul to share her carafe.

She longed for the green freshness
of whiteness
of lightness
and the dewiness
of her youth,
being held captive in an opaque fruit.

A sip would kindle a spark
smothered by time, and stir the flames
to ignite memories
to meet the new woman she has become.
Would they recognize each other?
She thought they would.

She watched the Pinot Grigio turn a pirouette and
release the essence of spring and fruits,
while the Reisling stood sweetly as a sunflower.
The Sauvignon Blanc whirled the scent of
summer morning grass to her.

She felt a tap on her shoulder.

The Chardonnay had sauntered to her
with a quiet step.
Be not betrayed by my coolness.
Under a golden cloak, I hold an edge,
a snap to inspire your senses.
Smokey evenings, vanilla afternoons.
You know me well and I know what
makes you glow.

And, he kissed her,
incensing her with his spirit forever.

After writing this poem, I realized I really love white wine and have been drinking red for so long because other folks are drinking red. So, all summer, you could find me with a glass (or two) of chardonnay or pinot grigio.

I needed to see my poem again because I had 2 glasses of red the other night (cabernet sauvignon, I believe). It was a rainy day, I was feeling slightly under the weather and a warm red seemed so appealing.

And, I zonked out. That's what I forgot! Red wine makes me sleepy!

Need to stick with what really works for me.


Anonymous said...

In the Veneto region of Italy (around Venice)
They fill a glass halfway with red wine and halfway with sparkling water. It's called a spritz. I don't know if they serve it there or not, but it is very tasty and doesn't leave me feeling tired or drugged at all

Ashini said...

That sounds good though - wine spritzer. Kind of like the wine coolers (popular among college girls when they first came out :-)

However, I like that Europeans use wine as an ingredient for other drinks. In France, I loved kir, which was creme de cassis and wine. And, then you have your fruity Sangria too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashini,
Very nice. I didn't know you like wine so much. Did you get my pictures of the vinyard I planted this year? Merlot, Cab. Franc, Chambourcin (Fr./Amer. hybrid) and Chelois. All deep reds though...

Anonymous said...

In the summer my MIL poured herself a big glass of wine and then threw a peach into it.
The peach absorbed some wine flavor and was very good, and the wine absorbed some of the peach flavor. It was also really good.
Yeah, Europeans use wine as an ingredient for many things. Can't imagine someone walking into a NYC bar and doing that