Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On the Job Training - Motherhood: Ear Piercings

I was reminded of my daughter's ear piercing moments.

It's customary in India to have a girl's ears pierced as a baby. I've heard of piercing the ears within 2 months. The belief is that it hurts less at that time. My sister and I have had my ears pierced since then. We wore 18K gold hoops forever and were not allowed to change them or remove them. I had to take them off during gym in 8th grade and I was so anxious! Hopefully, it would be just as easy.

I waited until she was a year old and asked the pediatrician to do it. I had to select between the one diamond or one gold pair he had on hand for selection. Within the first month, her post earring got caught in her pacifier ring in her crib. The earring came out and there was a tiny bit of blood. I was home alone and really freaked out, and called my friend for advice. I tried to put the earring back and she wouldn't let me - screaming at the top of her lungs! I felt like an abusive mother! Horrible. Horrible.

So, Annika walked around with 1 earring. Then 2 months after that, we had bought a new carseat. This one had straps that came down over the head. Seemed very secure, why not? So, I had placed her in the carseat and she was squirming around. As I brought the belt down, her earring got caught again. More blood-curdling screams. (Oh, yes, she cried too!) I promptly returned the carseat.

Both she and I were traumatized now. My mom, aunt and everyone who saw her said, "Why don't you get her ears pierced?" I pushed them off.

Finally I was overcome by all the nagging, and I think she was 2 when I finally consented. Mom and I took her to the mall. Actually, it makes more sense to have the Piercing Pagoda do it because that's what they do. They were hygienic, provided a care kit and more of a selection than the Dr had. I remember the girl saying, "Oh, she's such a happy baby! I hate to do happy babies because they start crying!"

She cried for a second, but they had lollipops ready and she quickly forgot. I felt much relieved.

Annika actually has lost a lot of earrings. We used to put the gold ones, but she lost them. We gave up and got deluxe sets from Claire's for $5. I have gold-plated hoops for her now, but they're not as expensive so the loss wouldn't be so regretful. I don't understand how I ended up having 1 set for life (or so it seemed at the time) and she's gone through dozens already!

There's no moral or parental revelation to this story. Just funny in retrospect to think of how anxious I used to be!


Anonymous said...

I pierced my twins at 4 months. They were fine with the Claire's $36 * 2 = $72 earrings for a while. And then gold earrings came from India. We ran to Claire's to put the thick stem through the tiny hole. After agonising them the second time * 2 = 4th time around, they quickly began to lose stuff and still continue to lose stuff.We have finally settled with gold hoops which are thin and seem to stay unlike the screws or the pushpins. And this is their 18th set and they are only 2 years old.

Phew !!

Anonymous said...

Please, I swear I thought lightening would come down and strike us had we removed those hoops.

I can commiserate with Annika, I still cry when I have to put those Indian earrings that have posts as thick as curtain rods thru my ears. wahhhh.


ZenDenizen said...

I was pierced at 10 months but for as long as I can remember, I've allergic to earrings - gold, silver, nickel free, you name it... :(

Anonymous said...

Speaking of allergies, my colleague was telling me about her 18 yr old who got her belly button pierced..has an infection.. allergy to nickel, gold, etc. So she shelled out for a Platinum ring for her birthday. She was upset and complained, but she did it though.