Wednesday, August 08, 2007

When Desi Aunties Rule..

This was born in an email exchange with friends. I'm taking it up a notch.

Welcome to the home of a Desi Aunty.
You will find the following:

- Complete set of swans, and ceramic items greeting you on the doorsteps.

- Bunches of silk flowers thriving in Mikasa vases (or Mikasa lookalike)

- Candles of all shapes, sizes and scents are set about the house. They are never lit.

- Cream-colored ceramic hearts that read "Raj & Jyoti's wedding 2001" or a Dollar Store baby frame with "Pinky's baby shower 1999" inserted instead of a photograph. It doesn't matter who these people are. Their favors have a home.

- There is a closet or armoir filled with vases, frames, candleholders and all-occasion cards. One enters this sacred realm only when you need to give a gift to someone.

- set of Corningware circa 1987 (white with cornflower blue designs)

- Niagara Falls magnets holdup Christmas card photos of babies and kids that you don't recognize (Maybe Pinky's??).

- If you're in my mom's house, there will be calendars of gods, goddesses, gurus and swamis. Again, you do not recognize them.

- If you do go into the master bedroom, you'll notice the dressing table. There is a glass or mirrored tray with perfumes, cosmetics and Ponds and Nivea creams lined up. There will be the Cover Girl products next to the Clinique ones, which were obvious gifts.

Apologies to the desi aunties (and my mom) who recognize themselves. It's all in good fun!


ZenDenizen said...

My mummy would be appauled! LOL

Anonymous said...

Mom took my Narcisco Rodriguez perfume. She's upgraded from White Diamonds. I'm proud of her.

Radhika Shivaraman said...

Great read !!Now we have to know what favours the desi aunty's daughter's home !!