Thursday, December 07, 2006


If "Bubbles" are my soothing expressions, then Firecrackers are my bursts of energy. Some people call these sections "random musings" but mine are not so random as I have thought about it.

1. Iraq Study Group
In a time where we have Task Forces and Czars as names of goverment committes, what is with the Study Group? This sounds like a group of people, cloistered in a library, surrounded by tomes and papers about Iraqi history. It's a soft word that reminds you of a Bible Study Group or a Math Study Group. I suppose giving them a softer name brings down the sense of urgency and the critical work they are doing. So if you're called a SWAT Team, chances are you're not doing much?

2. At the Gym
I go the gym pretty regularly and always like people watching. If I had my own gym I'd have some rules.

  • Cell phone reception should be cut in the cardio area. How can you work on a treadmill and still be chatting? What does the other person hear: "Hey..puff..pant..yeah.. I'm at the gym..puff.., it's ok..go ahead.."
  • People should have novels removed from the cardio area. Again, how can you read "Da Vinci Code" while on the treadmill? People who are reading are also working at a really slow pace. Their heartrate is probably higher when they're sitting in front of a computer. So, you're not respecting your body by giving it a full attention work out. Also, you're not respecting the book because you're distracted and not giving it full attention either.
  • People who have excessive amounts of make up, have a genetic propensity for svelteness and/or just come to socialize should have a separate area. They hog up the equipment by just sitting there and chatting or parading. Again, another unworthy distraction.
  • Another rule is the dress code. I've seen a 65+ year old man wear a half-cut shirt with cut off jeans. He was in good shape for his age, so you have to applaud him. But, does fashion wisdom not come with age? I've also seen men who think Fruit-of-the-Loom shirts are appropriate work out weare and they're not. They're underwear. Muffin tops on biker shorts is also a no-no. Lastly, don't get me started on the dark socks with sneakers!! (I would hand out free white socks if I could).

3. Why do bands like Black Eyed Peas come on the scene with songs like "Where is the Love" and "Let's Get it Started" and then switch to raunchy numbers like "London Bridge"?


Anonymous said...

I agree with your rules at the gym. Cell phone uses should be cut off in the cardio area. It interferes with my reading of novels. Oops. that's your rule number 2.
Forget I even commented

Anonymous said...

Fergie released London Bridge under her own album, it's solo, NOT the Black Eyed Peas :-) Pretty much the same as Gwen going on her own after No Doubt.

Anonymous said...

Jane - I was thinking later about the Fergie vs. London Bridge business. I saw her perform on Vh1 Big in 06 show. They did announce she was on her own. But, I don't understand why she had to show off her chuddis while dancing.

Regardless, women artists come onto the scene and then become trashy when they get famous (think Brit, think Jessica). They start throwing their sexuality and sexiness into their music. But, that's not why people like them. There are plenty of porn stars, who do that anyway.
Be like Madonna - start that way and stay that way. ;-)