Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dear God,

Please protect my family and all my loved ones near and far.

And, I have a special prayer for two girls. One is named Miley Ray Cyrus and the other is Raven Simone.

Please let Miley stay a good Christian family-oriented girl. Let her father guide her through the ups and downs of show business as only the man behind Achy Breaky Heart can.

Please let the blessings of Bill Cosby keep Raven on her path to success. (She really has the talent to become this generation's Lucille Ball).

Please do not let them get pregnant, caught drunk driving, or become anorexic or have a drug related "incident". Keep them out of jail!

Make sure they have undies on every time they wear a designer dress on the red carpet.

Please keep video cameras out of their bedrooms. (Yes, I've seen Miley's sleepover pics and they're nothing.. whew!).

Please do not let them have a reality TV show after they get married, so their marriages have the potential to endure.

Please let them become spokes models for products, not celebrity rehab centers.

I wish for them all the strength and success as the eyes of America's girls are on them and we moms do not want to explain any of the above to them.


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i find raven artificial and over-the-top. don't know about her being the next lucy.

i didn't realise she was young enough to be in Miley,Lizzie, Lindsey's age-group. she looks much older and that just added to my impression of her hamming.


Anonymous said...

Hey asterisk!

You're right - she is older (22?), but her show is on Disney channel all the time. So she is still going to the same audience.

Anonymous said...

you are tagged

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Raven Simone since she was on the Cosby show. Does she have a show on Disney?
Guess I'll find all that stuff out soon enough.

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