Sunday, February 10, 2008

Personal Notes on Global Climate Change

I've been told that Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, India has received snow, a normally pleasant vacation spot. There's been unbelievable amount of snow in China. The southern US states were rampaged by deadly tornados. The Northeast is experiencing a mild winter with 60 degree days in February. I blogged about this last year around this time.

My heart and hopes go to all those who are suffering due to this climate change. The daily lives of people are compromised by this change.

I'd like to have a selfish rant if I may.

The extended pleasant weather in the northeast has robbed me of my snow days. I do love them for what they bring - family under one roof. It slows us down. No one has to go anywhere or do anything or see anyone. Malls and restaurants are closed. There are travel advisories to stay off the roads unless it's an emergency.

I always take advantage of the time to organize my closets or do some projects that have been put off for various reasons. I remember one snow day when my mom, sister and I made pani puris at home. We had the time to roll and fry all those little puris. We had a great time together. With my family now, I would always save one of Annika's birthday gifts to pull out on snow days to entertain her. It'll be a toy that we can set up or play together.

Instead, we have great weather and a hundred excuses to run around. My husband and his friends are avid golfers. Back in Oct and Nov, they pleaded "This is the last golf day of the season. We have to go!" All of us were understanding and supportive of their interest, so we said, "Of course! Enjoy!" thinking we'll have them to ourselves during the winter.

Well, there is no such thing as "last golf day of the season" when they can still golf on the morning of the Super Bowl (Feb 3rd). They layered themselves with sweatshirts and windbreakers, grabbed their water bottles and went off to enjoy a beautiful, crisp day.

Living in the northeast, we're used to seasons. Every season has its purpose to us. You enjoy the long days of summer, honeysuckles and fireflies. Winter brings you mugs of hot chocolate and quiet snow flakes. You kick dried leaves and inhale the smell of autumn as you go for walks in the parks. In spring, you relish the sunshine and green grass as if you've never seen such vibrant beauty.

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Anonymous said...

We dont need no shtinking winter when we can cry "Fore" instead...Learn to play and join ur hubby. No excuses...