Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On the Job Training: Motherhood - Halloween Badmash

This is my favorite comic from Badmash.com -- brings back very vivid childhood memories.


samurai said...

It is quite sad/upsetting to read all these. If that was how most kids were made to do things Indian, I feel so sorry for them. I know badmash is about humor, but there is always an element of truth in a joke :)

I hope the recent migrants will have little bit more sense.

Anonymous said...

I think the new generation will be different. My parents were working-class immigrants who came 35 yrs ago. It was a different life for them than the immigrants now who are wealthier and exposed to different things in India.

I don't think my parents understood the importance of Halloween in those early days. Later on they did and are very enthusiastic about Halloween, especially when they took their granddaughter trick-or-treating one year!

So, when I asked for the Cinderella mask and costume at 5, Mom didn't understand the importance and looked at the monetary value. Folks paid in cash back then.

So had to be "Indian girl" in a chanya choli. (BTW, will be blogging about this year's costume experience with my daughter later ;-)

Anonymous said...

When I was out trick-or-treating with my almost 2 year old daughter (dressed as a ladybug), I noticed three different variations of the little girl in a sari in the the Badmash cartoon.

The first girl was probably a middle school student and dressed in a salwar kameez. My guess is that she was an Indian princess. She was out with two non-desi girlfriends, who were dressed as a witch and a punk rocker.

The second girl was probably a high school student; she had billowing lavender salwar on with a tight short-sleeved v-neck shirt on. She topped her outfit off with a big belt and chunky plastic jewlery. My guess is she was a genie. She was out with a bunch of other kids (boys and girls) who were dressed up in various costumes.

The third girl was probably 10 or 11 years old. She wasn't dressed up at all; she had khaki pants, and striped long-sleeved t-shirt, and sneakers on. She carried a plastic grocery bag around and looked a bit sad. Her mother was following close behind and was instructing her on where to go next.

Indigo, I can totally relate to your experience with costumes growing up as well as the Badmash cartoon. I intend to indulge my daughter with whatever costume requests she has (within reason, of course) as long as she finds Halloween to be as magical as she did last night.

Anonymous said...

"I intend to indulge my daughter with whatever costume requests she has (within reason, of course) as long as she finds Halloween to be as magical as she did last night."

Anon -you're right on there. There's a lot of things we do for our kids now that we swore we wouldn't do or didn't value before. I felt that way at the Princess on Ice show last year. Ridiculous expensive affair, felt like Disney corp was robbing us blind. But, watching the show through the eyes of a 4 yr old was priceless. She sat in absolute amazement the whole time.