Saturday, October 28, 2006

On Being Five: Royal Pains

"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."
King Henry IV, part II: III, i

So says Shakespeare and my daughter.

She had her Halloween party at school where she was dressed up in full Barbie Princess regalia - lavender, pink and white tulle dress, silver crown, matching frou-frou in hair, Ariel plastic shoes.

In the evening, we cuddled up to watch "Annie," a favorite movie in the house (it reminds me of my grandmother actually. She didn't understand English, but enjoyed this movie immensely because of the singing and dancing kids).

Anyway, A asked me to rub her feet because the plastic shoes hurt her. (As if I forced them on her?)

Then she said her head hurt. I was concerned and asked her about it.

"Because I was wearing the crown."

Such is the pain of royals of which we plebians know not. Yet, we do our duty and rub the head and feet (given exact instructions on where the pain is, when it's being pressed effectively and if a foot is being ignored).


Anonymous said...

I just hate when your head hurts because you've been wearing your crown for so long!
A good head rub afterwards sure feels good.
How could you not know that?
Oh, plebians. Can't live without them though. :)
Hope she had fun at the Halloween party.

Anonymous said...


the background is harsh on the eyes. could you make it lighteR?(several shades)

wishing you well


p.s. enable comment-display in a pop-up?

Anonymous said...

How do these new colors work? It's so hard to play around with these templates because the outcome depends on so many factors - for ex., I use Firefox at home and IE at work and it looks so different and out of whack sometimes.

- looking for advice on balancing the two.