Friday, June 30, 2006

Mid-Year Resolutions

Now that it's mid-year and it's also my birthday, I think it's a good time to make resolutions. I started a few things in the past week or two that should be incorporated all the time. The collision of my birthday just creates the sense of urgency (i.e., not getting younger, etc.). Also, writing these "resolutions" will make them more tangible for me.

- Pamper my body and skin better. I don't have a skin care "regimen" except for my morning cleansing and moisturizing, and occasional face mask. However, my sister and friends are proponents of proper skin care and my sister used an analogy that hit home. If you have osteoporosis, you don't start drinking milk. You drink milk to prevent it in the first place. So, with skin care, don't start with the wrinkle creams when you see a wrinkle. Take care early on so you don't need it. So, I'm promising to add a nightly skincare ritual.

- Use the "nice" things . I have so many "nice" pieces of jewelry, perfume and lingerie that sits in boxes and drawers. I pulled out a beautiful diamond ring the other day for a party - white gold with diamonds in the shape of a flower. This was a gift from my husband from his trip to India, where he chose and designed it. I decided I'm going to wear this ring more often, enjoy its beauty and elegance. I cleaned out my lingerie drawer and found so many beautiful purchases that I pushed in the back. I vowed to either use it or throw it out. I also treated myself to new ones and cut all the tags before I change my mind.

- Keep up my writing efforts. I've created a strategy and a process in April and I want to make sure I don't lose the momentum. I have to keep firing at my targets and something will hit; all this time I was firing randomly and not hitting.

-Recognize each moment with my daughter. I think I am doing this already, but I want to make sure I recognize each moment with her. She's growing up so fast and changing in many ways - physically, verbally, emotionally. I've never had anyone like this in my life, definitely growing into a funny and unpredictable person. Not to sound cliche, she is like a flower. She blossoms into one type of flower and then you see the petals changing and she becomes another type of flower. I want to hold onto each of the petals because they are special pieces of her.

On another note, having had my birthday yesterday I felt touched my many people. Emails, phone calls and personal greetings and expressions from all over the world. Last week I was terribly down and overwhelmed by work and personal responsibilities that have been accruing for the past two months. There was one day that I felt I was slipping into a state of invisibility, especially at work (only my client could clearly see me and keep bothering me!) I felt like I was carrying everyone's weight and had to put mine behind me.

So, having the support and recognition of 'my day' was great -- like a refreshing splash of water on your face.

(Hope I wasn't too Oprah-ish!)

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AppleLina said...

Ashini -

Happy Belated Birthday!! I saw on your birthday day that you had taken the day off to celebrate with yourself and your post sounds like you are on the right track for this next year of yours...

All of your mid year resolutions are lessons to us all - moisturize, experience all the nicer things instead of saving them for later and cherishing every moment with the little ones around us.

Also - read the story on ABCDlady and it was terrific! Like your articles back in the day on Sulekha, you are informative and educate wtih a style that's enjoyable to read. Keep it up!

Cheers and Happy Birthday again...