Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Apologies on Formatting

Sorry about the lopsided format of this site. I've been playing with the template provided by Blogger and wanted my content to be wider and reduce the dark margins. Got it perfect the other day! That was in Firefox.

Go to work and open IE and it's way off! So, tweak tweak the pixel counts.. looks good.

Come home to Firefox and it's messed up.

C'est la vie. You're not here to check my formatting anyway, right? (I hope!)

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MyView said...

I just checked into your blog for the first time today and I can see from the few entries that I have had time to read that your philosophy on bubbles is reflected in your writing which is reflective, thought provoking and calming. Much of what I read or seek out is full of conflict and the change was great! I will read more when I have time. Appletina has been trying to get me to see WATER for a long time. I actually looked up reviews on it yesterday, but your entry will probably be what will make me go see it. Frankly, I too am a little uncomfortable having my culture shown in an unflattering light to those whom will not take the time to discover other things about it but will only walk away with stereotypes and cliches. However, all injustice must be uncovered and truly, the creation of art is just the expression and hope for a world better than the one we live in. Thanks for your reflections.