Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain

So, I wanted to get these guys' pictures up on my blog sooner or later.

I liked this movie, though I wish I had seen it a year ago, before the Oscar hoopla. It's a quiet story that makes you think.

People always raised it as a "love story," the focus on the love that couldn't be. However, I found myself zeroing in on the Michelle Williams' character. She was in a one-sided marriage. Her partner was not fully committed to this relationship and also to his family. From his point of view, he has been putting his family first and doing what he could do. However, she expected more. It was a bit sad when she said he never bought home fish when he knew how much she and the girls loved fish.
Anne Hathaway is good too - we know her very intimately as Princess Mia from "Princess Diaries" so it's good to see her grow as an actress. The last scene when she talks to Ennis on the phone is perfect.

As far as the lead actors, I had just seen "The Brothers Grimm" with Heath Ledger & Matt Damon, which was a fun movie. To see Heath Ledger pulling this character is amazing. The accent, the attitude, the mannerisms are flawless. I love actors who exercise diversity. Another favorite of mine is Johnny Depp, who can be proper JM Barrie to a foul-stinky pirate to a freaky Willy Wonka.

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