Thursday, January 19, 2006

Morsels of Poetry: Life, Love, Books and Metaphors

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Between The Covers
C.J. Heck
Gentle man, you hold me
like a treasured book
as if memorizing every line.

In your hands,
I feel new meaning
breathed into my pages.

Seductive bookworm,
no one has ever read me
quite like you, nor ever will again.

Passionate reader,
I love how you bookmark
your favorite chapter
between the covers at night...

Open Book
- M. Rose Davis
You say you know me
I’m an open book
You read each word
but have you really looked.

Hidden in the lines
Across my pages
Are my deepest secrets
They’ve been there for ages

Read my words
For I am there
But if you can’t find me
Do not despair.

(This one is sad)

The Book of Your Life
- J.A. SpahrSummers
And so I gently close this book
The adventures of your life intact
Africa Europe Hong Kong Brazil
There and back again and again
Never quite willing to give it up
Breathing a crushing sigh of relief
As I feel for your pulse my eyes
Glued to your bare chest and
Blessing the lack of movement
Mother watching fearfully from
Down the hall her hands cover
Her mouth lamenting the need
For such pain and this moment

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