Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bubbles (My Poetry)

Bless me, Dr Agaston, for I have sinned.

Her question was innocent,
yet alluring.
Would you like some chocolates
from Switzerland?

How could I say no?

Rows of perfectly round
brown balls of sugar
and caramel, lined in a
tawny rainbow beckoned me,
hailed me as a friend, though
I had ignored them.

With precision and delight of exploring
the unknown, I selected a cocoa thrill.

As I broke into the dark bonbon shell,
my mouth stirred with sensation
of sinful succulence.

This was beyond human design.
Truly a cosmic collision
birthed the truffle. The heavens,
earth and spirits had combined
to be able to deliver the
feathery filling spilling
from a solid sphere.

The soft cream clutched its other,
wanting to be whole.
I obliged.

Another chocolate ball rolled from
its paper throne into my palm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm so hungry now. I think I'll eat, you guessed it some chocolate (Italian chocolate is not bad either) :)