Saturday, March 13, 2010

Review: Up In The Air

So, we're catching up on the movies we didn't know anything about during the Oscars. I had heard enough interviews on NPR about this film, so I was quite eagar.
Jason Reitman is the guy who did "Juno" (seen it dozens of times) and "Thank you for Smoking" (also on my list). So right away you know it's going to have a lots of witty dialogue and quirky quiet music. Yes, the characters are witty, yet real and say the truth. Conversations we all have, but never see in a film. The plot and the dialogue are so well-crafted so actors just have to flow with it.

We recognized Anna Kendrick's character immediately - we've all met the eager 23 year old, trying to be taken more seriously than her age, but put into positions where she's limited only by maturity and experience. Vera Farmiga was good, but I wasn't impressed until the twist at the end. So that elevated her performance. I kept trying to imagine the Ryan character with another non-George Clooney actor. But, George really does fit the role of a polished, seasoned exec. He's such a subtle actor too - doesn't have to say a word, but just through facial expressions you know what's going on. That's my favorite type of acting. (Robert Downey Jr does this really well too!!)
And I can't forget that Jason Bateman is in this too -- I see him and I'm 15 again and want him on my locker.

The relevance of the subject matter stands above everything else. Systemic corporate downsizing, living in airports, virtual meetings, texting, and dynamic relationships with people -- if there was a cinematic time capsule, this movie would be a snapshot of our current times. I loved the aerial shots of the cities because that's how business travellers get to know each city. You're not walking down to the historic sections, you'll be going to your hotel and the suburban offices.

I plan to watch this again before we return the DVD just so I can revisit the dialogue and the story development.
Ok fine.. and George Clooney.

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