Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the Job Training: Motherhood - The Ugly Duckling

I'm finding a new sense of maturity in this 6-year-old. She tends to question and evaluate more, so I know I need to be ready with my age-appropriate answers.

I was reading "The Ugly Duckling" to my daughter, which we've read dozens of times before. It's always a pretty hard story to read in my opinion because the other animals and humans are quite mean to the "ugly duckling." Everyone is so mean that baby swan that he has to go live away from the rest of society. The mother duck tried to protect her "baby", but she really couldn't be there all the time. It's only after the long and lonely winter does he come out on his own.

I read aloud, "So the ugly duckling was sad because he had no friends."

Annika stopped me, and asked, "Why does it say he has no friends? He has his mother. So he has one friend. "

I had to smile because I felt so assured about our close relationship. I was happy to see her confidence in knowing that she always has me in her corner. I told her she was right.


Anonymous said...

She is such a smart child! Must have been sweet to hear though.

ZenDenizen said...

That is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Annika sounds adorable !

Anonymous said...

Thats great that she feels that way !! Thats awesome, it shows you've taken the time and the energy to be with her and make her feel this secure. Kudos.
On another note, suddenly my son has 3 moms. I am telling him, today we can read only 6 books cuz he was late in coming to bed and he says 10 books, cuz my mom said so, and i ask which mom, he says my other mom. Somehow somewhere someone's told him all my sisters are his moms and now he says he has 3 moms. Actually i really loved hearing that.

Anonymous said...

Taamommy -- that's so sweet that he's happy to have 3 mommies! Remember this moment. It won't last.

Ask my brother how he feels having 3 moms -- not happy at all! ;-)