Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bubbles (My Poems): Stepping Over the Mist

A lovely lady had whispered to me

tiny secrets she held
in her bosom. She pulled the slip of white
from her white chest, soft billowing
flesh. I must let you know.

This is so important and I hope you will remember.
I assured her I would.
She whispered with the freshness of summer
and sweet scents of roses in her hair pummeled through my senses.

How can it be? I asked.
Is it so simple?
Yes, she said. You must not worry.

For now you know.

There was something that
told me
you would come my way
walk down my path

and perhaps ring my doorbell
Should I answer it. I do not think I should.
Could you leave the flowers on
the steps and the kisses through the keyhole?


Anonymous said...

Nice poem! Do you still write and publish?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashini,

Are these two separate poems?

I liked the flow and the breezy feel of both but could not understand the deeper meaning. Could you explain? I want to know what the old lady said :)

Oh and why does one want to receive the gifts like that? I liked this one especially because it felt very personal to me. I have been wary of letting someone get close to me but have wanted to experience the joy in that too. Conflicting emotions.

Im sure I'll enjoy them more if I understood the deeper meaning. Also, is this free verse or metered?

Anonymous said...

I left a comment but it never got published. Are comments reviewed before being published?

Anonymous said...

Lovely, brought a smile to my lips :)

Ashini said...

Thanks Asterisk & Somi
(BTW, I changed the settings for comments and hope it works now ;-)

Deeper meaning? Let's get a Freudian scholar on this.

These 2 poems fall under "Ramblings" category for me. I like to write 1-2 poems a weeks (some weeks more than others). I close my eyes and just type. I listen to the words inside my head. I let the words fall where they may.

Then I come back to the poem and say, "Did *I* write that??" So, these two poems I found in a Word doc on my home PC and did not even remember writing these!

So what did the lady say? I wish I knew - maybe I do know, but don't really know?

OK, forget Freud.. maybe I need more help than him.

Anyway, thanks so much for your encouragement!! I'll post more of my own work if there's an interest.

Radhika Shivaraman said...

There is an interest.
The whole thing was very esoteric, ununderstandable. so please send us more of those :)