Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Directions for 2011

For 2010, I had come back from India and resolved to lead a life of more simplicity. I shouldn't complicate my life with more tasks and more material items. Looking back at this year, I haven't achieved the simplicity that I imagined, but taken smaller steps. As of now, we only have one activity on the weekends, and we're not trekking to dance lessons we don't enjoy. On the career forefront, it hasn't become any simpler.

If there was one word for 2010, I'd have to say "Family". We had a big family wedding and got to see lots of cousins and reconnected after so many years. There really is a common bond that links us all together even if we are separated. There was a powerful moment this year when my cousins came over and mentioned it was my aunt's death anniversary. I had no idea and suggested we go to our local temple. We stood there in a temple in PA remembering my aunt - her daughter from Canada, her daughter and son from India with their spouses, and her sister (my mom) from NJ. All of us were drawn together that day.

I was reading O magazine, and came across 3 words "Joy, Honesty and Meaning". That's what I want for the 2011.

I want to find joy in all I do. Being with my family and close friends, we can find joy. It's always there if we open our eyes.

I want the honesty to be with myself and with others. There's such a masquerade of emotions and attitudes. At this point, I'm ready to call people out on their actions.

Our lives need to have meaning. Of course this often means one needs to make changes and know exactly what they want in order for it to be meaningful.

It's not about the destination, but the journey.

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J.Doe said...

I hope you find 'joy, honesty and meaning' in 2011.
I'm just looking to lose weight. Your quest sounds easier though.