Sunday, April 26, 2009

Argument for Single-Tasking

In short, I stand with those Zen masters who, when asked how they achieved enlightenment, answered, "When I walk, I just walk. When I eat, I just eat."

How much do we need to multitask? At work a few weeks ago, I found myself with 3 phones in front of me. It's become the sad norm in my office to think we can IM someone who is on a conf call. If I booked your time to be on a call, be on the call with me.

Sure it seems like we do get a lot more done, but that's because we're expected to do more.

We are losing our ability to silently focus on tasks. We're disrespecting others, as well as ourselves. My personality changes the minute I read work/project related emails on my phone. The stress creeps in and surges through my veins. And, it spews through my words to my loved ones.

Spring Resolution - Unplug more often. Pursue delayed gratification - should be more delectable.


J.Doe said...

Being a mother of a young child whatever I do is multitasking as I always have an eye on her. I would like to single task... someday ..... but not now

Unknown said...

Yep- a lot of studies have been released in the past year that are decrying the over use of gadgets like cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones, the internet, etc. Instead of getting more done- we wind up getting less done because our attention span is shorter and focusing on finishing a task becomes harder. We are living in interesting times.

ZenDenizen said...

I'm having more trouble finding a job this time around because I just can't sit down and focus anymore. If I'm lucky, I send a few resumes out every few days and just wait for responses on my Blackberry while I'm out running errands and multitasking :(

Indigo B. said...

Zen - I hear ya! FB is killing my productivity.. I end up chatting or looking up people and all sorts of stupid games.