Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's Talk About S&TC (Addendum)

I gave everyone 2 weeks now to see the movie. We did the ritual that thousands of other women did across the country on opening night. My girlfriends and I left the kids with the fathers, dressed up in our favorite kid-unfriendly clothes and shoes, toting the cute handbags that were pushed aside for diaper bags. We watched the movie, had martinis and good food off a menu that did not serve chicken nuggets and fries.
So, definitely, the new Sex and The City movie was enjoyable, light and fun. However, I was disappointed. One of the things I loved about the series was the writing. It was smart, witty and concise. Within a half an hour, so much happens in a story. For example, the show starts with Samantha claiming she wants breast implants. By the end of the show she discovers she has cancer and is going for treatments.

This movie had potential. I think that's where the disappointment lies for many of us. Only Carrie and Miranda had full blown stories created for them. Their men had rich scenes that made them human. Samantha and Charlotte were supporting roles.

Let's take Charlotte's story. She adopted an Asian child who she is raising Jewish, we presume. Is the only thing in their life reading fairy tales and dressing up? Does she have no concerns or challenges being a new mother? How about showing that it's not perfect or she doesn't have the answers? Harry is pretty much a dork in this movie. I loved him when they met - he was full of fire! He's so watered down now.

As for Samantha's character, what exactly does she do all day? As a Hollywood agent, she should be taking on more clients, shouldn't she? Also, did she just drop him flat without an agent too? What about the cancer treatments? I thought she was becoming an advocate for breast cancer.

The last episode of the show was really well done and tied everything together so well. Kind of disappointing that 4-5 years later, Big and Carrie just now got to the marriage part and Samantha and Smith were also going nowhere. I felt bad for Smith and Carrie - both hanging around commitmentphobes for so long.

I'm one of the minority who wanted Carrie to go for the Russian. His maturity and romance was enticing. I was always less sympathetic to Big. If he wanted to be with her, he would've. Stop all this natak for ten years! As my friend always said, it only proved to women that if you wait around for a jerk long enough, he'll come around. Not exactly.

Another disappointment my suburban friends and I had watching this movie was the lack of NYC in it. "Where is Barney's!?" one of my friends bemoaned. We missed it.

As per the much celebrated fashion, it was incredible. The whole audience was sighing and swooning with each wedding gown Sarah Jessica wore. However, after giving Sarah Jessica Parker 81 outfits, they still had a lot to show off. So, let's throw in a Fashion Week and get real models. They used to say NYC was the 5th main character, but in this movie Vivienne Westwood became the 5th.

Judith Warner from the New York Times wrote this interesting blog tying the media attitudes towards Hillary Clinton with the modern roles in "Sex and the City."

Anyway, I'll probably watch this again because I love the characters as old friends. I was quite crushed when the series ended because I was losing them. I first turned it on when Miranda was expecting. I loved her openness about her feelings of pregnancy and motherhood. I loved her complaints about breastfeeding, instead of making it all a perfect and holy experience.
I will say that some lines were stuck in my head and still funny. "I put a bird in my head"
Found one more interesting article in Newsweek talking about the vicious bashing by people who haven't seen it. I had a similar discussion with someone: "What's surprising is the lengths men go to push Carrie off her Manolos. "How much do you want to bet 'Sex and the City' drops 70 percent this weekend," said a guy colleague of mine, gleefully."
True, why do you even care?
The author Ramin Setoodeh brings up a good point about the role of women in the Hollywood:
Not just because they're usually sidelined as the blinking love interest (Gwyneth Paltrow in "Iron Man" or Liv Tyler in "The Incredible Hulk"). The blog "Women and Hollywood" features telling statistics: last year only five of the top 50 films of the year had major roles for women. Only 15 percent of directors, producers, writers and high-ranking staff are female. Thelma Adams, film critic for US Weekly, tells the site, "The point here is can women open movies? Meryl Streep can't. Jodie Foster can't. Julianne Moore can't. Julia Roberts can't." But Carrie? Yes she can.


ZenDenizen said...

The Russian? Really? Wow, that's an interesting take and probably the first time I heard anyone rooting for him. I actually preferred Aidan. I was disappointed that she ended up with Big, again.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's part of the attraction to the Russian. If you had all American adorable Aidan, AND you still couldn't be happy, then go the other way.

OK - in offline discussions the question came up: would Carrie be with Big if he were not rich? If he were just a carpenter? I think there's something in his confidence and attitude that comes from being rich. But, you should love him rich or poor.