Wednesday, March 05, 2008

One Fish Two Fish

The leap from Kindergarten to First Grade is amazing. Annika is such a stronger reader and writes extremely well. She still has her reversals (backward 5, p, 6) every now and then.

One way I encourage her to read is to have her read her homework assignment. She perches on a stool and asks me to sit afar. She'll read and then show me the pictures. Then the power of being a teacher gets into her head and she asks me to raise my hand before speaking!

Last night she read Dr. Seuss to me and it was great as I sat there and listened. I've read this book to her so many times since she was little. In fact, my brother gave me Dr. Seuss books for my baby shower. I used to do the characters in voices or accents to make it interesting. Even now, she wants me to read in a voice at times. I'm definitely not an actor and my accents fluctuate regions. But, it's ok because she enjoys it.

The best advice I had received before Annika was born was from my friend Karen. She said she read to her sons since they were infants. People thought she was nuts reading to a 2 month old. However, she found it was a soothing mechanism. Whenever he got upset, she pulled out a book and he was focused on that.

I did this with Annika and have a video of her at 4 months old, kicking her feet in delight over a book my mother is showing her. Before she was a year old, she had her favorite "dog" book. It was picture books of animals, but she called everything "dog."

We've always read during dinner, which was a way for me to get this picky girl to eat. It was a better distraction than TV. Plus, she knows that storytime is our time to bond and talk. She loves going to the library and always borrows books from the teacher's book basket. Everyone knows she's a reader and always receives books.

So, last night when she read this particular book to me, I was so excited because we really are at a new stage.


Anonymous said...

Wow :) that means i have to put reading in my things-to-do, to the children ofcourse ;)

Anonymous said...

Get cracking!! ;-)

Btw, would you like me to post recommendations for books that we read? I've been really impressed with the books she gets from the library.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashini,

I just came across ur blog and was hooked to it immediately. I have a 4.5 yrs old precious princess too. I myself am an avid reader, though haven't been able to read of late. I want my daughter to be a reader too. Right now, she is in the writing mode and has started writing alphabets and words. I know compared to many other kids her age [or from our Indian standards], she is a little behind with reading and writing [as in her previous daycare, they did not encourage writing at all]. Pls gimme some tips on how to encourage her at home [in that little time I have with her in the evening]. Also, how can I incorporate something creative among the two of us, while I am doing chores like cooking, cleaning etc. so that it helps create a bond between us.


Looking forward to sharing a lot of tips on motherhood and more,


Anonymous said...

Tanya - Welcome! I love to hear from new visitors.

I hear ya about the limited time together. She hates it when I cook b/c it is a distraction.

- Try reading books together during meals (if possible!) Maybe even wknd lunch.
- go to the library on wknds and read books there and then take home.
- read books at night before bed. I actually use this as my negotiation "If you don't eat your dinner, you lose your story time!"
- Schools have book fairs or send order forms. I usually buy 1-2 of them so she's excited about it. (Tho we have fought abt it!!)
-Let her see YOU read. Kids watch parents..
- is a site that her teacher recommends. Really fun for the kids, and educational.

Also - don't worry so much about your daughter's development at 4.5. See my post KG. We were so stressed out in KG, and now in 1st it's falling together. Kids develop differently.