Thursday, January 18, 2007

Favorite New Products

Here are some new products I’ve come across recently that I’ve been excited about (I’m blogging about food, so it has to be nutty).

- Snapple White Tea – Green Apple: This is so fresh, light and tart with green apple flavor. I nuked it for 30 seconds and it tastes delicious warm. Reminds me of hot apple cider. Best part is that it’s low in sugar.

- Kashi’s TLC bars Dark Chocolate and Cherry: Wow! I love the tangy cherry with dark chocolate, and I’m not a cherry person. Not too sweet, either.

- Altoids Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon – ok, is it a dark chocolate candy or is it a cinnamon Altoid? I love all things cinnamon, I love all things chocolate. So, I bought this hesitatingly, but it was quite nice and just melts.

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