Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the Job Training Motherhood - Part 15b Addendum to Chuck E

Just to let you know that the party on Wednesday was postponed to Thursday - thus extending my anxiety. So, on Thursday, we went and it wasn't so bad. They renovated the place and it looked more open. Maybe that was it - bad Feng Shui. Kids had a blast - 14 5-year-old girls screaming, screaming, screaming. It's a "lovely" high-pitch noise that exceeds any sound meter readings.

My girl had a bit of anxiety attack when she knew ChuckE was coming out. She kept whispering to me and holding on to me. I told her not to worry and that there was a person inside the costume.

So, she said, "OK, let me tell everyone!"

I told her it was a secret. Geesh, I didn't want to be responsible for breaking ChuckE's spell to all the little girls and ruining the birthday party! So, Annika was calmer, but a bit excited. She mimicked her friends in the chanting of "We Want Chuck E!" Then ChuckE came out and greeted the kids. They all ran over, including Annika. And, she hugged him. I think she hugged him extra just to prove it to herself.

I had a decent time chatting with some of the mothers. Girls will be going to KG next September so we're all a bit nervous about the change in routines.

By the way, one of the fathers there had suggested there should be a parents lounge where they can relax. I'll take that suggestion one step further and say it should be a clear room, lots of windows so you can see what's happening. Yet it should be sound-proof so you don't hear all that ruckus!

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