Wednesday, February 22, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things (Appended)

Let's be self-indulgent shall we?
(bit of a rhetorical query since the blog is a self-indulgent medium!)

- Fresh sheets from the dryer are wonderful.. you lay them on the bed so nice and clean. (Fresh jeans from the dryer are not a good thing. You lay on the bed as you pull them on.)

- Waiters who kneel next to you when answering a question on the menu. Even better are waiters who pull up a chair and sit with you at the end of a shift.

- A kiss on your cheek. It comes with the purest intentions.

- Deep dark chocolate. If it weren't for the bitter, you wouldn't appreciate the sweetness

- The Carpenters

- Pulling a book off the library shelf and inhaling into the pages.

- Standing in sand on the beach. The water crashes at your feet. The ocean pulls back her waters, and with it takes the sand under your feet. You feel like you're being pulled also, but you're really not. You're still stationary with your feet firmly planted in wet sand.

- Indulging in the most sinful, tallest, gooest, chocolate dessert with girlfriends.

- Listening to "Sleepy Hollow" on the WXPN radio on Sunday mornings, and going through the Travel and Entertainment sections of the paper with hot cups of coffee.

- Stepping on snow - making fat crunchy sounds.

- Singers with voices that bring up images:
* Lata Mangeshkar has a timeless voice. When she sings, it reminds me of a red satin sheet fluttering in the wind.

* Sarah McLachlin voice reminds me of bubbles floating and then just popping, releasing a note (The song "Angel" especially).

* Jewel sings and it sounds like she's skiing - going up and down over the snow mounds, and then just gliding along.

* Natalie Merchant is like a hot cup of peppermint cocoa - rich and smooth.

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